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Recipe for a successful alsatian happy hour

In Alsace, conviviality and gastronomy reign supreme! Sit down together around a big table and enjoy a delicious Alsatian beer while savouring a few handfuls of pretzels, those famous little salty treats. If you want to be the king of the Alsatian apéritif, go behind the scenes and learn how the star products are made!

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Brew your own beer at Saint-Pierre

How about taking something you love and creating your own? This is exactly what you'll be doing at Saint-Pierre brewery’s beer workshop. 

Rooted in the heart of Alsace since 2001, the Saint-Pierre craft brewery uses exclusively high-quality ingredients. Pull up your sleeves, put on an apron, and try your hand as a brewer for a day!

A fun and friendly way to hone your craft as a team, the workshop tackles all the steps to creating a tasty beer: choice of ingredients, monitoring the fermentation process, and also printing labels. Alongside a passionate brewer, you’ll learn more about this famous Alsatian know-how. After the workshop, time has come to taste  your own brew. Everyone leaves with their bottles, as well as a little brewing kit to practice at home.

Put on your apron

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Explore beer in all its forms at Villa Meteor

The Haag family, brewmasters for eight generations, runs Villa Meteor, the oldest brewing site in France. On the brewery tour, you dive into the history of malt, barley, hops, and the secrets to creating this frothy nectar, and explore the offices, laboratory, and still room of this great brewery, where the footsteps of a family saga still echo. The raw materials needed for making beer grow outside in the charming garden. After the tour, it’s time to taste the products of the brewery. A final, flavourful moment to delight your taste buds. Even if beer isn't your favourite drink, the visit is still full of surprises. Alongside your beerologist guide, you’ll identify the different aromas, textures, and flavours. A beer that tastes bitter at first may turn into something amazing. One final question at the end of the visit, "do all beers foam?"

Discover the secrets of beer
Fabrique à bretzels Boehli - Alsace© Bartosch Salmanski -

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Watch a parade of thousands of pretzels in Gundershoffen

They’re everything at once: unique to the touch, pretty to look at, and with a crispy bite. Pretzels are the smallest of Alsace's gourmet institutions, but far from the least significant.

In Gundershoffen, at the Fabrique à Bretzels of the Boehli factory, learn all the luxurious details of how this star of all snacks is made. It’s a stunningly precise process: a bicarbonate bath, a rain of salt, and then cooked until golden. A hypnotising, infinite parade of perfectly aligned pretzels. Finally, it’s time to let your taste buds have their say and enjoy a tasting of the different varieties: classic, spelt, or dipped in chocolate. Whether sweet or savoury, the first bite is crunchy and the second melts in your mouth, all while you try to pinpoint the flavours of this little joy-filled heart.

How about letting your creativity run wild? Curious visitors can try their hand at a mini culinary workshop every first Wednesday of the month.

Visit the factory

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