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A booming beer market

Delicious, thirst-quenching beer is the quintessential beverage of Alsace! With 60% of French beer production, Alsace is France’s leading brewing region, where you can enjoy an outstanding variety of beers, from the most traditional to the most original!

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A beer for every taste

Rich in tradition, beer is a powerful element of Alsace’s identity among its local products. It epitomises the craftsmanship of the master brewers, who apply their considerable skill to producing it. This process results in an extraordinarily varied range of beers, both in terms of taste and aroma.

There’s a beer for every occasion; the brewers’ recipes follow the seasons. The traditional Christmas beer, with smooth and spicy notes, is the speciality for the festive season. In springtime, enjoy a fresh, fruity beer on a terrace in the spring sunshine.

Brasserie de l'Espérance à Schiltigheim©Marc Dossman

Temples of beer

The great names of beer resonate across all of Alsace!

Météor, a family-owned business, has been brewing in Alsace for 7 generations. In Obernai, Kronenbourg, the largest brewery in France, produces nearly 700 million litres of beer every year. In Saverne, Licorne, a subsidiary of the German Karlsberg Group, proudly makes a 100% Alsatian beer, exclusively harvested and brewed in the region. In Schiltigheim, or the “city of brewers”, as it’s known, Heineken continues to make Fischer, a favourite among French beer drinkers.


The success of craft breweries

The craft beer trend has had the effect of transforming the Alsatian beer industry. There are now nearly 40 craft breweries and microbreweries in Alsace!

Come meet these men and women, who are continuing the brewing tradition in Alsace. They’ll enjoy sharing their stories with you during tastings, guided tours and workshops - you’ll even get to make your own beer!

Find all the breweries in Alsace

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