La Collégiale Saint-Martin - Colmar© Laurène Philippot -

Heritage and history

Fond of history and heritage? In Alsace, the passage of time is full of promise. Travel back in time as you discover exceptional sites that bear witness to history.

Château du Haut-Koenigsbourg©Tristan Vuano
©Tristan Vuano

Legendary castles

Alsace’s fortified castles are powerful, fascinating, impressive places that will plunge you into the depths of history. Offering stunning views, these stone sentinels will never cease to amaze you with their authenticity and beauty.


An architectural mosaic


Quaint villages with timeless charm

You’ll fall in love with our quaint villages! Like little postcards, these picturesque places, with their half-timbered houses, colourful façades, blooming window boxes and narrow, cobbled streets, will surprise and amaze you with their beauty and charm.

Bibliothèque Humaniste de Sélestat© Ville de Sélestat

Architectural treasures

Alsace is proud of its incredibly diverse range of architecture, spanning medieval, Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and contemporary styles. You’ll admire the beauty of these buildings, whether they are testaments to the past or boldly contemporary.


UNESCO treasures

With its rich history and remarkable legacy, Alsace invites you to discover its UNESCO World Heritage sites. These truly amazing sites, recognised for their exceptional universal value, symbolise remembrance and knowledge of the past.

Grande Ile
The Neustadt District
The Humanist Library
Maisons à colombages - Petite France - Strasbourg©Bruno Paci
©Bruno Paci

The historic heart of Strasbourg, Grande Île seems unspoilt by the passage of time. It promises rich discoveries, as you stroll along the banks of the river, wander down the romantic narrow streets or gaze in awe at the exceptional architecture.

Neustadt - Strasbourg© Claude Menninger Service de l’Inventaire du Patrimoine Grand Est
© Claude Menninger Service de l’Inventaire du Patrimoine Grand Est

Built between the 19th and 20th centuries, the Neustadt District will surprise you with its eclectic architecture, remarkable sites and majestic Neoclassical and Art Nouveau buildings.

Take in the view
Neuf-Brisach©Tristan Vuano
©Tristan Vuano

Neuf-Brisach, the “City of the Sun King”, brings history to life! Built by Vauban on the orders of Louis XIV, this fortified masterpiece is a unique architectural feature offering a remarkable vision of the ingenuity of this system of defence.

Manuscrit - Bibliothèque Humaniste Sélestat©P-Mod-Ville de Sélestat
©P-Mod-Ville de Sélestat

Discover the secrets of the works of the famous humanist Beatus Rhenanus! 423 volumes, as well as prints, letters and other manuscripts, reflect the knowledge and spirit of the Renaissance. A precious legacy, listed in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.


Moments of history

Cimetière militaire du Hartmannswillerkopf©AAA-Meyer

Places of remembrance: the importance of memory

The site of many historical events, Alsace will forever bear the traces of its past. From the Franco-Prussian War to the construction of Europe, discover the places of remembrance that now uphold universal values.

Cité de l'automobile - Mulhouse©C.Recoura

A glorious industrial adventure

Travel through time in Alsace! Thanks to its industrial history, many museums, sites and even companies now tell the tale of this wonderful industrial saga, from past to present.


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