Village de Hunspach©Karl Heinz Haenel
©Karl Heinz Haenel

Northern Alsace

In a well preserved natural environment, the heart of Northern Alsace offers an authentic visitor experience. A land of craftsmanship and history, it boasts a rich heritage to explore.

  • By plane30 minutes from Strasbourg Airport and Baden-Airpark Airport
  • By carServed by the A4 and A35 motorways
  • By trainClose to the Strasbourg train station and TER (regional train) links

Why visit Northern Alsace?


Its generous forests provide clay for the local potters. The creativity of the craftsmen does the rest!


Explore the rich heritage of its castles and the vibrant traces of its history.


You can relax and recharge here; it’s the perfect place to take a refreshing break from your daily routine.

Poteries d'Alsace©Cyrille Fleckinger

The craft of pottery

The craft of pottery-making goes back centuries in Alsace, where it is an iconic feature of traditional craftsmanship. During a visit to Northern Alsace, you’ll marvel at the skill of these craftsmen, who transform clay into truly exceptional pieces of pottery.

©Tristan Vuano

Storm fortified castles

Towering above vast forests, the fortified castles of Northern Alsace have stood the test of time. These stone sentinels, perched atop pink sandstone bluffs, will never cease to spark your imagination with the history and legends they embody!

Ligne Maginot - Fort de Schoenenbourg©ADT-FLEITH

Relics of the past

A border area, Northern Alsace bears the traces of a tumultuous past. From modest blockhouses to powerful fortifications, explore history through the fascinating vestiges of the Maginot Line.

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