Grand Ballon - Massif des Vosges©Benoit Facchi

The Vosges Mountains

Experience amazing outings in a land of contrasts, the Vosges Mountains. An infinite variety of experiences will thrill seekers of fresh air, adventure and a change of scenery.

  • By planeClose to Strasbourg Airport and EuroAirport
  • By carWind your way down the legendary Peak Road (Route des Crêtes)
  • By trainClose to the TGV (high-speed train) stations and TER (regional train) links

Why visit the Vosges Mountains?


Full of iconic itineraries and sources of inspiration, these mountains will take you on a wonderful adventure.

Loads of activities

Every season offers different pleasures: revitalizing escapades and intense moments, full of emotion.


With two Regional Nature Parks, you’re sure to encounter exceptional fauna and flora.

©Benoit Facchi

Back-to-nature adventures

In the Vosges Mountains, a fantastic playground, you can make lots of discoveries. In these mountains that provide an endless source of activities, enjoy an invigorating escapade, or simply experience the excitement of the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

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Ferme auberge du Schnepfenried©Thomas DEVARD-MASSIF DES VOSGES

Cosy farm inns

At these legendary farm inns, you can taste genuine local flavours. In a rustic, generous, authentic setting, you can indulge in delicious mountain cuisine using farm-fresh ingredients.

Cimetière militaire du Hartmannswillerkopf©AAA-Meyer


A land of battles and conquests, the Vosges Mountains will forever bear the traces of its tumultuous past. With its fortified castles, religious buildings and vestiges of war, the Vosges Mountains are a bridge between the past and the future.

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