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Activities and recreation

Alsace is a land of adventure, where you can enjoy lots of activities! It’s a real playground, where you can have fun on the land, in the water and in the air!

Randonnée Massif des Vosges©Benoit Facchi
©Benoit Facchi

Wonderful hikes and peaceful strolls

Admire Alsace’s beautiful landscapes on more than 17,000 km of marked trails. If you’re a seasoned hiker or simply fond of rambling, you can put together your own itinerary or use the services of a guide for your hiking trip.


Grab your bike and go!

Alsace is a great place for bicycle touring! Use the remarkable network of more than 2,500 kilometres of bike routes to cycle through Alsace with total peace of mind. A bike destination to be discovered!

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The joys of winter sports and snow

For those who love winter sports, the Vosges eagerly await you! With downhill and cross-country skiing, sledding, dogsled outings, or snowshoeing, there are plenty of activities which you can enjoy at your own pace during the winter!

Downhill skiing
Cross-country skiing
Balade en raquettes - Massif des Vosges©Benoit Facchi
©Benoit Facchi

Strap on your snowshoes and go conquer the snowy summits! With nothing but the sound of snow crunching under your feet, let the magic and beauty of the landscape enchant you. Wonderful discoveries await as you set off on your adventure.

Balade en traîneau©Thomas Devard
©Thomas Devard

Like an adventurer in the Far North, enjoy a thrilling ride through the snow! From the comfort of the sled, take a magical ride through enchanting scenery. Exciting adventures await as you set off to explore!

Espace Freestyle Lac Blanc©Thomas Devard
©Thomas Devard

At our friendly ski resorts, come enjoy some unforgettable skiing!  Whether you like to take it easy, fast and straight or freestyle, you’ll find the skiing adventure that suits you. Click into your skis and get ready for some invigorating rides down the mountain!

Ski nordique au Lac Blanc©OT Lac Blanc
©OT Lac Blanc

With your skis on your feet, set off on the runs to discover vast snowy landscapes. Whether you prefer classic or skate skiing, you’ll enjoy the pleasures of gliding across the snow, at your own pace. Make an exhilarating escape into a winter wonderland!

Descente en luge©Thomas Devard
©Thomas Devard

Whether you’re remembering the thrills you experienced as a child or trying it for the first time, you’ll love sledging down the hill! With family or friends, race down the hills and enjoy the pleasures of the snow. Play in the snow and have lots of fun and laughs! 


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