Barque à fond plat dans le Ried©BestJobers

The Plain of Alsace

Shaped by nature, the Plain of Alsace holds the promise of outings with a complete change of scenery. A unique place, teeming with diversity!

  • By planeClose to Strasbourg Airport and EuroAirport
  • By carServed by the A35
  • By trainClose to the TGV (high-speed train) stations and TER (regional train) links

Why visit the Plain of Alsace?


It boasts lush forests and expansive fields. The perfect place for special moments, full of wonderful surprises!


It stands apart for its exceptional heritage, with two UNESCO World Heritage sites.


It shares its beauty with Germany: in just a few steps you’ll discover the enchanting Black Forest.

Grand Ried©Tristan Vuano

The Grand Ried: a concentration of nature

Welcome to the Grand Ried, with its vast prairies, forests with lush vegetation, exceptionally diverse plants and wildlife, and unique, surprising landscapes!

Kienheim dans le Kochesberg©Catherine Theulin

The Kochersberg: the beautiful garden

Legend has it that, on seeing the Kochersberg region from the top of the Saverne Pass, Louis XIV cried out “What a beautiful garden!” A land of culture and flavours, the Kochersberg is a little-known region for you to discover… just a few kilometres from Strasbourg.

Observation de la faune©Vincent Muller

Connect to nature

Come discover a remote corner of nature! There are so many ways to encounter all of its rich complexity, discover its fauna and flora and grasp the importance of protecting it.

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