Forêt - Vosges du Nord©Jéremy May
©Jéremy May

Northern Vosges and Alsace Bossue

In the hollow where the Lorraine plateau meets Northern Alsace, lies a secret region. Be ready for a few surprises in this multifaceted area, boasting plentiful orchards, villages clinging to hillsides and mysterious forests.

  • By planeClose to Strasbourg Airport
  • By carServed by the A4 motorway
  • By trainNear the Saverne train station

Why visit the Northern Vosges and Alsace Bossue?


Thanks to it generous nature and the know-how of its craftsmen, you’ll enjoy delicious local specialities here.


This multifaceted area’s unspoilt landscapes give it a special kind of charm.


Magical, vibrant forests featuring a glorious tangle of beech, oak and alder trees that have survived since the earliest times.

Lalique©Zvardon-Editions du Signe

Glass-blowing tradition

Alsace and Lorraine are home to the incredible talent and painstaking skills of glass blowers. Prestigious pieces and great names in the world of luxury bear witness to this exceptional know-how. Take the opportunity to uncover the secrets and experience the wonders of glass blowing!


Local flavour

In this rich, rugged countryside, farmers and craft industries use their skills and know-how to make a wide range of delicious local specialities. Enjoy the simple pleasure and authentic taste of their cheese, fruit, honey, jam and beer.

Au cœur de la forêt - Écotourisme©Vincent Muller

Connect to nature

Come discover a remote corner of nature! There are so many ways to encounter all of its rich complexity, discover its fauna and flora and grasp the importance of protecting it.


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Restaurant - Villa René Lalique©Gilles Pernet


Chambre des Verriers - Château Hochberg©Grégoire Gardette

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