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Summer in Alsace

Take your pick from all the summertime activities, from major events to nature getaways - there’s always something here for you!

Festival Décibulles©Emilie Fux

Feel the festival vibe

All summer long in Alsace, music festivals are in full swing! Experience the excitement of these exceptional cultural rendezvous, featuring jazz, electro, rock or classical music. They bring with them a host of big names, plenty to discover, diverse musical line-ups and music-loving festival-goers!

Mix with the crowd and feel the power of the music as you dance the night away. Pick your festival from a wide variety, and swing through the summer in a festive, friendly ambiance!

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Fête du vin en Alsace©31 Photography

Clink your glasses at a wine festival

The wine country in Alsace cherishes its traditional festivals. Some of the most popular events of the summer season, wine festivals are the perfect opportunity for you to meet winegrowers in person and fall in love with the quaint villages of the Alsace Wine Route!

Wine tasting, live music, village dances and folk dancing are all featured during these summertime get-togethers. Join in on all the fun and be part of the festive, friendly atmosphere of these jubilant weekends!

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©Benoit Facchi

Hiking in a lush natural environment

The lovely days of summer are back, and they’ve brought the promise of adventures in the great outdoors! Hike your way through Alsace on its many trails, where the variety of the landscape will never cease to amaze you. Set off on an adventure through gorgeous scenery, in the forests, vineyards and plains, and all the way up to the summits of the Vosges Mountains.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to walking and enjoying the summer sun to the fullest: find your perfect itinerary from over 17,000 kilometres of marked trails. And if it’s really hot out, head for the mountain lakes to enjoy a refreshing dip!

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Scène de rue - Mulhouse©Ville de Mulhouse - Serge Nied

Lively summer cities

The cities in Alsace come alive for summer fun. The streets fill with all kinds of festivals, shows, illuminations, concerts and sports, celebrating summer with a smile!

Summer means it’s time to relax, so take a break in a park with a nice picnic or the latest summer bestseller. And why not take a well-deserved siesta in the shade of a centuries-old tree?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a cold drink on a terrace? It’s a popular summer pastime and the perfect way to relax and refresh.

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Colmar fête le printemps©OT Colmar
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Springtime in Alsace

It's springtime in Alsace! So many activities to do! Enjoy the first rays of sun and greet the spring with a smile.

Vignoble Alsace automne©Tristan Vuano
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Autumn pleasures in Alsace

After the summer, Alsace is bathed in warm colours, its landscapes offering an explosion of red and gold. Time to try new getaways!

Paysage d'hiver dans le Massif des Vosges©Tristan Vuano
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Winter in Alsace

Winter in Alsace has so much to offer, with the enchantment of Christmas, the serenity of a spa, the gleeful pleasures of the snow or the prestige of fine dining.


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