Microbreweries in Alsace: enjoy beer differently

More than a mere fad, craft beer is now a whole movement! Alsatian microbreweries have understood this, and they want you to (re)discover this famous beverage through experiences to be had and enjoyed! S’Gelt!


The Bra’v Brewery: in the vineyards

Nestling at the heart of the vineyards, the Brasserie du Vignoble, nicknamed BRA’V, welcomes you for relaxing summer evenings. With parasols, fairy lights and vineyards stretching as far as the eye can see, it’s an idyllic atmosphere where you’ll love sharing a drink with friends. The brewery also organises events such as evenings featuring barbecues or tartes flambées, music festivals and other exciting happenings, year round. Come here for summer fun!

Saint-Pierre Brewery: not to be missed!

Brasserie Saint-Pierre is one of the largest craft microbreweries in Alsace. There’s something for everyone: white, blonde, amber, organic and fruity beer. Want more? The Brasserie Saint-Pierre invites you to make your own beer in their brewing workshop. Work on a unique recipe with a brewer, who will help you get the fermentation going. You’ll leave with thirty-six 50 cl bottles of your own beer, featuring customised labels!

Dégustation de bière©Lev Dolgachov

Bisaiguë Brewery: subtle sophistication

Discovering Brasserie Bisaiguë, at the heart of Kaysersberg, is already an experience in and of itself. Located in an authentic Alsatian house, the brewery will amaze you with the subtle sophistication of its range of beers and its centuries-old vaulted cellar, where the production workshop is located. That’s what it took for Jérôme Jaegle, the Michelin-starred chef of the L'Alchémille restaurant, to team up with the brewery to create an exclusive beer. A blonde beer, flavoured with plants picked in the chef’s own garden. To go with your gourmet meals, instead of having a fine wine, try having a fine beer!

Perle Brewery: simply brilliant

It’s THE beer to drink in Alsace, known and loved by every Alsatian! Founded in 1882, the microbrewery now offers a wide range of beers, including “Perle Bio”, brewed with wine and plants from Alsace. As the saying goes: “The Perle, it’s a mystery …” Almost! Visit the brewery, discover its history and go behind the scenes to see how it’s made. It’ll be an unforgettable moment, and afterwards, you’ll get to taste this historic beer!

Bendorf: the Strasbourg brewery

The creativity of the Bendorf brewery will never cease to amaze you. Opt for a blonde ale full of vitality, the “Kollane Lill”, or for one of the “Cycles éphémères” (Ephemeral Cycles), limited series crafted with surprising local ingredients in season. A breath of fresh air that helps explain the success of its festival. Every spring, the microbrewery holds a very popular festival. On the programme? 3 days of celebration, beer and music!

Tigre: the hip brewery

The new kid on the block, the eagerly awaited brewery has just opened in Strasbourg. Featuring very trendy décor, visible brewing tanks and the famous bronze tiger, ready to pounce from table to table. Brasserie du Tigre is breathing new life into the world of beer; it’s proudly inspired by a Parisian trend that rejects the idea of beer enthusiasts being a bit unsophisticated. Is beer the new chic?

Brasserie Le Tigre - Strasbourg©Anne Milloux

Sainte-Cru: the maverick

Apocalypse Now, Orange Mécanique, Red is Dead: unconventional names for beer with a strong personality!  Sainte-Cru is more than beer; it’s a way of life: “Drink a beer that surprises you and lifts you out of the ordinary”. Have a seat at the bar in the middle of the brewery and soak up the rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere of the place. Here’s what you won’t want to miss. Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day here, to the tune of Celtic music, with a glass of Sainte-Cru in your hand. What an adventure!

Les Brasseurs du Ried: authentically Alsatian

Natural, blonde and cold, the first 100% Ried beer goes perfectly with a tarte flambée. In any case, that’s how it’ll be served to you at the “Bierstub”: the winstub of the Brasseurs du Ried. While enjoying this beer with a hoppy flavour, you’ll be able to admire the production process, thanks to the big windows that let you look into the workshop. Attend conferences on the history of beer organised at the brewery: a pleasant way to learn and have fun.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Consume in moderation.

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