Vignoble Alsace automne©Tristan Vuano
©Tristan Vuano
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Autumn pleasures in Alsace

After the summer, Alsace is bathed in warm colours, its landscapes offering an explosion of red and gold. Time to try new getaways!

Musée Tomi Ungerer - Strasbourg©AAA-Meyer

Indulge in a cultural interlude at a museum

In autumn, in any weather, Alsace will surprise you with its many museums. Whether contemporary, technical or historical, whatever your tastes there's a museum just right for you in Alsace! It's a great chance to see some amazing exhibitions and explore the rich collections on show! An incredible number of masterpieces await you in the abundant collections, bearing witness to the rich cultural heritage of Alsace.

Experience the artwork
Baeckeoffe©Klaudia Iga

Enjoy some comfort food in a winstub

The moment the cool weather sets in, you'll certainly appreciate regional specialities such as sauerkraut and baeckeoffe. Go to a winstub and try these traditional dishes, in a cosy setting! The food comes in generous servings, a fact much appreciated by gourmets or anyone with a taste for authenticity. Get comfy in the cosy, welcoming ambiance and enjoy some delicious Alsatian specialities. A hearty meal awaits you, to be shared in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere!

Château du Haut Koenigsbourg à l'automne©Tristan Vuano

Set off to see some fortified castles

In autumn, there are so many ways to get out and about and delight in nature's gorgeous colours. Set off on a reinvigorating walk and go visit one of our many fortified castles! Jutting out from lush forests, these stone sentinels shape the landscape in Alsace and overlook the valleys and plains, often over a sea of clouds. Each one is fascinating and unique, but they all offer breathtaking views!

Enter into history
Vignoble Alsace automne©Tristan Vuano

Be dazzled by the beauty of the vineyards

The wine country takes on vibrant autumn colours to be at its prettiest! Red, yellow and orange hues cover the hillsides and lend a special charm to the landscape. Tour the Alsace Wine Route and appreciate this stunning, incredible experience. All along this legendary route, you’ll come across picturesque villages and renowned wine-growing towns. It’s the perfect time to taste the fine wines of Alsace and uncover their secrets!

Feast your eyes!

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Colmar fête le printemps©OT Colmar
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Springtime in Alsace

It's springtime in Alsace! So many activities to do! Enjoy the first rays of sun and greet the spring with a smile.

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Summer in Alsace

Take your pick from all the summertime activities, from major events to nature getaways - there’s always something here for you!

Paysage d'hiver dans le Massif des Vosges©Tristan Vuano
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Winter in Alsace

Winter in Alsace has so much to offer, with the enchantment of Christmas, the serenity of a spa, the gleeful pleasures of the snow or the prestige of fine dining.


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