In 2023, the wonderful Alsace Wine Route celebrates its 70th anniversary ! Come and take part to the festivities with a wild range of animations and events all year long. 

Kienheim dans le Kochesberg©Catherine Theulin
©Catherine Theulin

The Kochersberg: the beautiful garden

Not far from Strasbourg, you’ll find unexpected landscapes with lush green hills and expansive fields. Legend has it that, on seeing the Kochersberg region from the top of the Saverne Pass, Louis XIV cried out “What a beautiful garden!” A secret area to discover...

Balade dans le Kochesberg©Catherine Theulin

Be amazed by stunning landscapes

Just a few kilometres from Strasbourg, the Kochersberg region has successfully preserved its rural uniqueness and peaceful charm. Here, instead of monuments to visit, you’ll find streets dotted with shrines and bancs-reposoirs - historical benches specific to the local area, bell towers, big farmhouses and endless fields.

An agricultural area, the Kochersberg plays with the contrasts of the rugged terrain and surrounding forests. Formerly nicknamed the bread basket of Strasbourg, this fertile land is perfect for many different crops. The farmers continue to preserve the know-how that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Tarte flambée©AAA-Creutz

Share a tarte flambée in the place it originally came from

In the Kochersberg, a land of flavours, indulge in a typical local speciality: the tarte flambée, also known as the Flammekueche.

In the past, farmers would bake bread every two or three weeks. This would be an opportunity for a little celebration, often shared with the neighbours or farmworkers. When the bread was done, the leftover dough was covered with cream, onions and bacon. And that’s where the tarte flambée comes from! Shared in an enjoyable moment of togetherness, this beloved tradition continues with this famous and delicious speciality.

Coiffe alsacienne - Maison du Kochesberg - L'esKapade©Catherine Theulin-Contrast Photography

Immerse yourself in tradition at the Maison du Kochersberg Museum

Combining history with modernity, the Maison du Kochersberg museum invites you to discover a first glimpse of this beautiful garden! Discover the secrets of a traditional home from the 19th century and admire the large collection of Alsatian head coverings (coiffes). You’re sure to have a favourite!

All year long, this exhibition space changes atmospheres with the seasons and offers a rich programme of events, workshops and conferences.

Houblon - Villa Météor©AAA-Birgé

Learn all about growing hops

A bit farther north, the expansive fields give way to land well suited for growing hops. Renowned for its beer, Alsace is also the leading hop-growing region, with 96% of French production!

This demanding plant flourishes in Alsace, in undulating countryside, under the attentive care of hop growers with traditional know-how. Meander through the hop fields, with their vines reaching as high as 10 metres. An opportunity to discover how hops are grown and used.

Their cone-shaped blossoms are used to make beer. Together with water, malt and yeast, hops are one of the 4 crucial ingredients that go into making this famous beverage. Hops act as a preservative and give beer its bitterness; they’re the “spice” of beer.

To find out everything there is to know about beer, go to Villa Météor, in Hochfelden. Come to the fabulous setting of the oldest active brewery in France and learn some history at Villa Météor, where you’ll find out how beer is crafted, and then enjoy a taste, too!