Le Hohneck

" Overlook Alsace and Lorraine climbing the slopes of the Hohneck, second summit of the Vosges mountains. "

Second summit of the Vosges mountains with 1364 m of altitude, the Hohneck dominates the ridge that separates Alsace Lorraine.
A balloon nearby, located 1.5 km to the east and rising to 1288 m, is called Little Hohneck. Discover its gentle slopes that receive summer herds of cows or a few Vosges chamois.
The path connecting Petit Hohneck Hohneck overlooking the lake Schiessrothried.
The east side is very steep, has a quasi-Alpine relief. It corresponds to the line of the Rhine rift due to the same upheaval of the Alps. In addition, glacial cirques were dug in the Quaternary period, providing a place conducive to lakes and bogs. The rivers flow into the Ill.
This passage was until the nineteenth century the main road between Gerardmer and Munster, before Col de la Schlucht was buit. For this reason, we find the ruins of military buildings dating from the Thirty Years War and used during the Napoleonic campaigns.
A tram line rack Gerardmer - Schlucht - Hohneck, commissioned July 25, 1897, operated until August 28, 1939. It has contributed to the renown tourist site.

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