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History and Heritage

On the trail of history, emotion, and legacy

Explore Alsace’s rich and tumultuous history at remembrance sites, battlefields, memorials, and military structures. Learn more about the region's past to better understand the origins of this culture turned toward Europe and its humanism.

Historial du HWK à Wattwiller en Alsace - Uniformes de la 1ere guerre mondiale© Charly Derouet - ADT

Experience 70
Immerse yourself in the Great War at the HWK

Perched on the top of a rocky summit in the heart of the Ballons des Vosges Regional Nature Park is the Hartmannswillerkopf (HWK), marking the site of a dramatic chapter of World War I where thousands of soldiers lost their lives. Get a deeper understanding of the history of the site with the information panels along the walking trail through the battlefield. Then, make your way to the Peace Memorial to put words on your feelings and emotions and try to understand the reasons that led to this murderous madness. This memorial is a place for learning, but also holds a strong message of peace for the future. It’s the first World War I memorial site co-managed by France and Germany.

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Experience 71
Listen to the beating heart of history at Fort Mutzig

Behind this countryside landscape lies a poignant historic site: Fort Mutzig. This immense fortress was built in the late 19th century. Feel the resonance of the site on a visit below the surface to the heart of this gigantic facility, covering an area the size of 350 football fields and almost entirely underground. Alongside enthusiastic volunteer guides, explore this amazing site that housed 7,000 soldiers, with kilometres of tunnels connecting barracks, kitchens, power plants, and artillery batteries. During the two-and-a-half-hour visit, it’s easy to imagine a soldier going about his business. A thrilling immersion.

Experience a unique visit
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Experience 73
Be overcome by the life of a soldier at Fort Schoenenbourg

At Fort Schoenenbourg, on the Maginot Line, soldiers lived an underground life within range of the canons of the German army. Go beneath the surface alongside a passionate and fascinating guide, and explore the tunnels, barracks, command rooms, kitchens, and more. The itinerary immerses you in the daily life of the soldiers. The rust on the metal is the only sign that time has passed in this authentic site. Returning to the light of day after the visit brings a clearer understanding of the destiny of these men.

An underground immersion



Memorial sites in Alsace

Cimetière militaire du Hartmannswillerkopf©AAA-Meyer
© Lez Broz - Visit Alsace


© Lez Broz - Visit Alsace
©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine


Mont Sainte-Odile©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine
©Max Coquard - Best Jobers


Dreaming of Alsace
Quai de la Poissonnerie - Colmar©Max Coquard - Best Jobers
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