Mont Sainte-Odile©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine
©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine

A spiritual experience at Mont Sainte-Odile

Not far from Strasbourg stands Mont Sainte-Odile, at the spiritual centre of Alsace, beloved by Alsatians. Don’t miss out on visiting it, to appreciate stunning vistas over the Plain of Alsace, an exceptional natural setting and the sense of peacefulness exuded from deep within its ancestral walls.

Mont Sainte-Odile©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine

A spiritual destination in Alsace

An important pilgrimage site in AlsaceMont Sainte-Odile was first the site of a monastery and then of a convent. Perched 753 metres high on pink sandstone cliffs, the site provides a stunning panoramic view of the Plain of Alsace. Pilgrims come to this place, rich with its glorious past, for spiritual renewal, and visitors come to discover an iconic site of Alsatian heritage.

Source du Mont Sainte-Odile©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine

What can you see at Mont Sainte-Odile?

Mont Sainte-Odile is the perfect place for pleasant walks. You’ll admire the Chapel of Tears and the Chapel of Angels, with their frescoes and richly decorated ceilings. When you go through the entrance gate leading to the old cloister, you’ll see the pretty Linden Tree Courtyard, where you can sit on a bench and soak up the positive energy of the place. From the panoramic terrace, you’ll gaze in awe at the beauty of the landscape stretching out before you. When the weather is clear, you can even make out Strasbourg Cathedral!

Before you leave, make sure to take the path downhill to the miraculous spring. Legend has it that Sainte-Odile herself made the water gush forth by striking the rock. The water enabled a distressed blind person to get his sight back. Today, it is still renowned for its healing powers, and many pilgrims come here to drink the water and gather their thoughts. Will you have a sip?

Immerse yourself in the ambiance of Mont Sainte-Odile
Mur Païen - Mont Sainte-Odile©ART GE - Pierre Defontaine

Le Mur Païen : mystique et fascinant

All around the monastery lies one of the most mysterious monuments in Alsace: the Pagan Wall. These gigantic stone ramparts still arouse the curiosity of scientists and visitors alike. A vestige of an ancient wall, it is made of approximately 300,000 stone blocks that have withstood the test of time and the elements, thanks to which you can see it today.

The disputed origins and size of this mysterious wall, which follows the contours of the plateau of Mont Sainte-Odile for 11 km, are still the stuff of tales and legends. One thing’s for sure: the many marked trails in the area surrounding the Pagan Wall makes it the perfect place for lovely walks.

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