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©Max Coquard - Best Jobers
City break

Calling all sailors

No need to be an expert captain to get out and explore along the water. In the heart of Saverne or Strasbourg, climb aboard a lovely little boat with no license required. See the world from a new perspective and discover the joys of boating. Set sail as a family or with friends for an outing filled with laughter and tender moments.

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Climb aboard a boat at the Saverne marina

Located at the foot of the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park and listed as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, the Pays de Saverne is the perfect place for lovers of majestic monuments, traditional houses, nature, and surprises! Take a stroll to the charming little marina along the canal across from the elegant façade of Rohan Castle, once known as the “Little Versailles of Alsace”.

Boats of all sizes are neatly lined-up on the dock, including vintage boats that don’t require a license.


Saverne - Bateau électrique© B. Salmanski - ADT

It only takes a few minutes to embark, and before you know it, you’re steering through peaceful waves, crossing under tunnels, and passing through locks. In your electric boat, you can sail at a good pace without making a sound. Enjoy the sea-like breeze in your face as the sun plays hide and seek on the water through the trees. A peaceful countryside break that you’ll want to experience again and again.

Our tip for gourmet sailors: add a take-away picnic box to your outing filled with an assortment of local cheeses and a bottle of wine.

All abord … in Saverne
Strasbourg-Marin d'eau douce© 31 Photography - Visit Alsace© 31 Photography - Visit Alsace

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Sail along the canals of the Ill River from La Petite France

Drop anchor in the heart of Europe. After a visit to Strasbourg’s cathedral or a stroll through the Petite France district, head out on the Ill River to see the town from a new perspective. 

Climb aboard an electric boat with no license required and set off to enjoy the landscapes without a sound. There are several self-guided itineraries to choose from, from 1 to 6 hours.

Strasbourg-Ponts Couverts-Marin d'eau douce© 31 Photography - Visit Alsace

If you’re looking for nature, tie up the boat on the quay, walk along the banks of the Ill River canals, and you can be off the beaten paths of Strasbourg in a matter of minutes..

History and architecture buffs can take the historical itinerary to see the monuments of Strasbourg. A delightful outing for exploring a city in a new and different way: a fun time shared together, with everyone getting a turn at the rudder. Dip your hand in the wake of the boat to cool off and be sure to wave to all the cyclists and the curious pedestrians. 

When your crew gets a pit peckish, it’s time to turn off the motor of the electric boat and bring out the picnic basket.

All aboard … in Strasbourg
Strasbourg-Cité de la Musique et de la Danse-Captain Bretzel© 31 Photography - Visit Alsace

Navigate the Ill canals to discover a piece of Europe

At the helm of your boat, begin your river cruise through the city's European Quarter. Admire the bluish reflections of the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights, painted over the Ill. Your excursion will take you to the City of Dance and Music, passing through the Malraux district, the ultimate legacy of industrial architecture from the 1930s. Built in the heart of an old port, this new district has preserve the historic architecture, made of red bricks, while combining modernity with impressive glass buildings.

Extend your walk to enjoy the sunset with friends. A glass in hand, around an aperitif basket, all you have to do is toast. For the romantics, spend a night at the quay, lulled by the movement of the water. A unique moment with breakfast as a bonus!



All aboard … in Strasbourg

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Strasbourg-Cité de la Musique et de la Danse-Captain Bretzel© 31 Photography - Visit Alsace
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