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Relaxing excursion on the water in Alsace

Have you always dreamed of living on a boat as it floats gently across the water? Whether as a family, as a couple or among friends, get a taste of life as a sailor as you enjoy the pleasures of waterborne tourism on Alsace’s 400 km of navigable waterways.

Breathe in the tranquillity and enjoy a real change of scenery

For an outing or a longer stay, opt for a jaunt on the water in Alsace, and let yourself be lulled by the murmur of the water. At the water's leisurely pace, you’ll take the time to admire the landscape as it passes by, as well as the rich heritage that borders the waterways in Alsace. Discovering Alsace from its waterways is a unique pleasure, promising wonderful moments and plenty of fresh air!

Getting a bike will be convenient for your shore excursions. The towpaths have all been designed and resurfaced for great bike rides. Combine the pleasure of boating with the joy of cycling!

Saverne, the paradise of recreational boating in Alsace

Saverne offers a royal experience! Across from majestic Rohan Castle and its gardens, the 70-slip marina will welcome you in the large basin of the Marne-Rhine Canal. If you love boating, you’ll be able to use all the infrastructure necessary to make your stay enjoyable: hiring of licence-free boats, water facilities, power outlets, rubbish bins, tourist information, and more.

All around Saverne, the Marne-Rhine Canal has much to offer in the way of sightseeing in Moselle, such as the Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane, the Rock of Dabo and Phalsbourg. The canal will lead you to Strasbourg, where you can admire a wide variety of views including green valleys, fields of hops and archaeological sites.