In 2023, the wonderful Alsace Wine Route celebrates its 70th anniversary ! Come and take part to the festivities with a wild range of animations and events all year long. 

Lez Broz - Visit Alsace
Lez Broz - Visit Alsace

Fantastic jaunts in castle country

Nestled in lush green landscapes, the castles of Alsace have stood the test of time. They feature magnificent panoramas of the Alsace plain, the Black Forest, and sometimes even the Alps. Learn the incredible history behind these stone sentinels and get acquainted with their heart and soul. Experience a different kind of journey, a journey back in time in the castles of Alsace.

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Dive into the heart of history

Alsace is one of the regions in Europe with the most castles and fortified towns. Built in the foothills of the Vosges Mountains, these monuments are the legacy of the rich lords and power struggles that marked the history of Alsace. Once defensive sites or residences, they have persisted through the ages and delight curious visitors still today. There are castles to conquer of course, but also impressive ramparts and fortified towns, as well as encounters with the locals who live there. Dive into the heart of medieval and mysterious Alsace! The Fortified Castles and Towns Trail of Alsace includes 28 sites linked together from north to south, each one with secrets to reveal. The heroes, fantastic creatures, and troubadours of yesteryear continue to tell their tales and legends.

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Balls and feasts in the castles

In Alsace, experience the castles with guided tours, exhibitions, concerts, storytelling, treasure hunts, or even medieval celebrations like the minstrel's festival. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages for a fantastic castle adventure.

Gourmet and bold, the Mets'diévales festival concocts an epic culinary saga. With picnics, tapas, or appetiser boards, enjoy a feast for the eyes and the taste buds while admiring the magnificent panoramas from the castles of Alsace.

Don’t miss the many shows at the castles, whether under a 360° projection dome, on the façade of a castle during a video mapping evening, or with a virtual reality headset displaying images captured by a drone.

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The Fortified Castle Trail

With such magnificent surroundings, a walk through nature is a must when visiting the castles of Alsace. Take to the beaten paths and push back a branch to admire the scenery. Suddenly, the reward comes into view and a stone giant appears.

The Fortified Castle Trail of Alsace is a specific and easily recognisable hiking trail for everyone. The itinerary runs parallel to the Vosges Mountains and the Rhine River, connecting almost all the fortified castles in Alsace, from north to south. The 450-km long trail includes 80 castles over 26 stages, each one about 18 km long. Delighted hikers follow the little red castle waymarks for a leisurely outing discovering the treasured castles of the region.

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Builder for a day: lend a hand

Day after day, they work to save and restore the stone sentinels and monuments of Alsace.
Join the volunteers of the Châteaux Forts Vivants association for a day restoring the fortified castles of the region.

No need to have any special skills, the volunteers will share with you their passion for saving old stones. After climbing up through the forest to the site, you'll learn a bit of about the history of the castle on a visit of the ruins. Then, it's time to get your hands dirty and help with the restoration.
With workshops on prospecting, masonry, or stone surveying, immerse yourself in the life of the restoration site and learn the techniques used to reinforce the vestiges of a historical monument.

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The echo of the ramparts

Tales and legends of the castles of Alsace

Giants, fairies, witches, and other magical creatures: in Alsace, each castle holds its own legend.


Travel through time at the Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg

The Castle of Haut-Koenigsbourg will give you an experience of living the Château life! Perched on a rocky outcrop, it dominates the landscape and offers you an unparalleled panoramic view. Fascinated by medieval mystery?

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Alsace, a land of castles

Built to protect cities and villages, these splendours have become places for sharing and coming together: castles, walled cities, surprising urban heritage, and more.

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