In 2023, the wonderful Alsace Wine Route celebrates its 70th anniversary ! Come and take part to the festivities with a wild range of animations and events all year long. 

Cheval et enfant©Aglebocka - Adobe Stock
©Aglebocka - Adobe Stock

Horse-Riding in Alsace

Alsace offers an outstanding environment for riders! Riding through the forests and vineyards discovering the fauna and flora on horseback, by pony or in a horse and cart are just some of the ways to enjoy an equestrian adventure in Alsace. What's more, many gîtes and equestrian centres are pleased to welcome riders and their steeds. Trotting, walking or galloping… Alsace is a great place to experience on horseback !

Northern Alsace

Wissembourg, a frontier town between Alsace and the German Palatinate, is ideal starting point to explore the North Vosges Nature Park. In just a few days, you cross a remarkable part of the vosges mountains, mixed deciduous forest with castle ruins, as well as splendid sculped sandstone cliffs. Starting on the rich agricultural slopes of the Kochersberg, you climb slowly towards green hills, reminiscent of Swiss lowland landscapes. Along the route you will find pipes, pirtrees, sandstone fortresses and hostels offering a warm welcome.

Central Alsace

The Central Vosges region is characterised by its lush green valleys, its mountains covered by a dense forest, the slopes of which are the home to the famous Alsatian vineyards, and, on several of its foothills, you can find magnificent castles. The Ried region is located a little further to the east, on the Alsatian plain. This region is full of meadows and lush forests and surrounded by several waterways and rivers.

Southern Alsace

Starting on the vine-covered undulating slopes and slowly following the line of the hills along the same level, along beautiful trails, you cross meadows where the delicious Munster cheese is raised. In the north of the French Jura, the Sundgau reveals an incredible variety of landscapes : valleys, meadows as far as the eye can see and cool spinneys. Two or three days later you are in the hills of the Vosges with singing rivers, welcoming inns and wonderful panoramas over the plain of Alsace. A delight for all five senses.