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Croquer dans un bretzel

6 ways to taste the best of Alsatian gastronomy

Curious about the culinary arts? In Alsace, the art of eating is something to be taken seriously! A paradise for gourmets, Alsace invites you to taste, enjoy and savour the delights of its gastronomy.

Tarte flambée©Max Coquard - Best Jobers

Share a tarte flambée ... and eat it with your hands

A symbol of conviviality, the tarte flambée is one of the most iconic dishes in Alsatian cuisine. It’s simple to make and even simpler to eat! The thin, light crust is topped generously with onions, bacon bits and a mixture of cream and soft, smooth cheese. Traditionally baked in a wood-fired oven, it’s eaten very simply, with your fingers! Would you like another slice?

Where can you eat a tarte flambée ?
Choucroute©Klaudia Iga

Enjoy a typical dish in a winstub

Having lunch in a winstub is a must-do during your stay in Alsace!

Rustic, lively and cosy, winstubs are where you’ll find that authentic Alsatian art de vivre.

The interiors are warm and cosy, and full of woodwork. You’ll sit elbow-to-elbow at wooden tables covered with traditional kelsch tablecloths.

As for the menu, you’ll find old-fashioned dishes and legendary local specialities. You'll enjoy the generous cooking, offering specialities such as traditional choucroute, rösti, liver dumplings, Baeckeoffe and tartes flambées! A tip: show up on an empty stomach!

Go to a winstub
Ferme auberge du Schnepfenried©Thomas DEVARD-MASSIF DES VOSGES

Appreciate a "repas marcaire" meal at a farm inn

Combine the beauty of the Vosges Mountains with the pleasure of savouring a meal made with farm-fresh ingredients. A delicious repas marcaire meal at a farm inn is the ultimate reward after a long hike! Typical of Munster Valley, this dish naturally features Munster cheese, together with soup or Munster Valley meat pie, as well as “roïgabrageldi”: potatoes cooked in butter and lard and served with smoked pork. For dessert, you’ll get to choose from “siaskas” (farm-fresh creamy soft cheese topped with kirsch) or a slice of homemade pie. A simple but filling feast!

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Bretzel Alsace©Max Coquard - Best Jobers

Bite into a pretzel

The pretzel is a symbol of Alsace, and any time is the right time to enjoy one! Perfect with a cocktail: the traditional pretzel coated with coarse salt. And, for any celebration, you’ll adore trying different pretzel varieties: sweet, chocolatey or even topped with melted cheese. One thing to remember: enjoy!

Plat - Le Chambard©Lukam

Indulge in a meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant

In the constellation of restaurants in Alsace, some outshine with their excellence and culinary talent! In Alsace, about thirty Michelin-starred chefs surprise and delight their guests, working wonders with Alsatian gastronomy, each more creative than the next.

Treating yourself to a dinner in a starred restaurant means enjoying an immersive experience! The delicate flavours of the dishes are combined with attentive service, charming décor and a refined ambiance to make it a truly exceptional moment for you!

The stars of Alsatian gastronomy
Accord met-vin avec les Vins d'Alsace©QUAD-CIVA

Pairing food with the Wines of Alsace

Muscat for aperitif, Riesling with fish and shellfish, Pinot Gris with white meat and Gewurtztraminer with cheese and dessert. From the driest and most distinctive to the most powerful and mellow, the Wines of Alsace make for astonishing pairings with all sorts of food. With subtlety or with strength and temperament, they bring out the most varied of flavours, from traditional French cooking to international cuisines. For a successful dinner party, bring the Wines of Alsace to your table!

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