Festival Décibulles Alsace©Laurent Khram Longvixay
©Laurent Khram Longvixay

6 not-to-be-missed festivals in Alsace

The first rays of summer sunshine mark the great return of festival season in Alsace! On the programme: big headliners, loads of new artists to discover, eclectic line-ups, and music-loving festivalgoers!


The Colmar International Festival, the most virtuoso

Lend an ear to classical music at the Colmar International Festival! Named one of the ten best festivals in Europe by the New York Times, the world-renowned Colmar International Festival is a masterful celebration of classical music.

Enthusiasm, originality, and artistic expertise are at the core of this festival. Elite musicians and ensembles grace the comprehensive programme from artistic director Vladimir Spivakov with his international aura. Every year, the sounds of the most brilliant performers of the current classical scene fill the town of Colmar. Come and enjoy this surprising musical adventure.

enjoy the musical adventure
Festival Décibulles©Emilie Fux

Décibulles festival, the coolest

In the heart of the lush green Villé Valley, the Décibulles festival is the largest outdoor event in Alsace. Held in the middle of July, this festival puts on a full range of sounds, combining genres for a comprehensive programme that includes national and international headliners alongside bands from the local scene. This event has become an essential summer festival known for its rhythmic and friendly atmosphere.

Have a blast at Décibulles
Festival de la Foire aux Vins d'Alsace à Colmar©Benoit Facchi

The Alsace Wine Fair, the most eclectic

An essential stop on your summer tour, the Alsace Wine Fair festival features a programme brimming with surprises. For ten days, the festival pulses to the sound of exceptional shows with its programme of top-notch headliners. With music and concerts alongside a wine trade fair, this original concept makes for a not-to-be-missed festival celebrating both the music and famous wines of Alsace!

Embark for the wine fair
Festival de musique au grès du jazzfestival-au-gres-du-jazz

The Au grès du jazz festival,
the most natural

An open-air festival in a green setting. For 9 days, the Au grès du jazz festival will be resounding with multicultural harmony for its 2024 edition. This flagship event for live entertainment in the Grand Est region will be highlighting the richness and diversity of jazz music - a vibrant celebration of the origins of this musical genre, a tribute to the unique contributions of the different cultures that have shaped this influential aesthetic. Au grès du jazz is also an exceptional setting: the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park. La Petite Pierre and its forest give the event a special charm, recognised and appreciated by many artists and spectators alike. A new way of seeing, a new way of experiencing nature, a new way of being surprised by musical impromptus in the middle of nature: the musical walks on offer are a new way of listening to the music that surrounds us.

Getting green

The Hop Festival,
the most cosmopolitan

A tour of 5 continents in 6 days - that's the promise of the biggest festival of world rhythms and colours in north-east France! Every year, this not-to-be-missed summer event offers a rich programme full of surprises. Throughout the town of Haguenau, visitors can enjoy traditional music and dance performances from Alsace to Thailand, India, Mexico, Brazil, Kenya and many more. It's an original way to meet people from all over the world in Alsace for a week of rhythmic entertainment!

Travelling to the 4 corners of the world
©Guillaume Chauvin

The Musica festival, the most contemporary

Enjoy the Indian summer atmosphere at Musica, a prestigious festival dedicated to contemporary music. The two-week festivities include more than 30 events featuring contemporary works of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Every year, this must-see event highlights creations by both young talents and established composers. Whether you're new to the music scene, a curious listener, or a genuine musicophile, there's room for everyone in the crowd at Musica to discover one of France's major festivals dedicated to contemporary music.

Move to the beat at Musica


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A summer night's dream

Revel in the sound and light shows of alsace

Illuminations de la cathédrale de Strasbourg© Emmanuel VIVERGE
©Christophe Dumoulin - OT Vallée de Villé
Music festivals and street festivals in Alsace

Amazing encounters on a jaunt through the streets

©Christophe Dumoulin - OT Vallée de Villé
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Alsace has everything for an incredible journey

Dreaming of Alsace
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