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Alsace wine fair

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A commercial fair ? Festival of music ? Event to promote Alsatian wines ? Agricultural fair ? Folk festival ? Cabaret ? etc. It is very dangerous to try to categorise the event in Colmar. And those who know the FAV understand this. The FAV is in fact all of these things at once! It's a bit like the Festival Vieilles Charrues meeting the Marseille Fair, the Salon de l'Agriculture in Paris or the Ferias of Bayonne at the same time. A strange mixture? Subtle mixture that has been worked on and kept secret since 1948!

Additional information
  • Languages spoken : French, German, English
  • Prices : Adults: 5€ to 8€ (depending on arrival time) / Children under 12 (accompanied): 2 € / Pass 3 D: 19 € / Pass 6 D: 37 € / Pass 11 D: 60 €

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