In 2023, the wonderful Alsace Wine Route celebrates its 70th anniversary ! Come and take part to the festivities with a wild range of animations and events all year long. 

©Christophe Dumoulin - OT Vallée de Villé
©Christophe Dumoulin - OT Vallée de Villé
Music festivals and street festivals in Alsace

Amazing encounters on a jaunt through the streets

Theatre, circus, parades, dance, music…

This summer, the streets and cities of Alsace come to life with new sources of inspiration. The crowds hop up and down with impatience, trying to catch a glimpse of the artists, and taking part in the show. Be carried away by playful music in a euphoric and amazing atmosphere. Revel in wild and tender moments with a diverse line-up of performances filled with humour, love, and magic.

© Ville de Mulhouse

Scènes de Rue in Mulhouse

In Mulhouse, adventure is just around the street corner. Every year in mid-July, the city transforms into a giant artistic laboratory with the Scènes de Rue street theatre festival. The 4-day event boasts spectacular artistic entertainment: street theatre, circus, dance, unique adventures, and plenty of performances. More than 20 companies will spark your imagination, bringing a touch of lightness and a hint of cheer to everyday life. Stroll through the city, lose your bearings, and then find them again a bit further down the street. Each creation is more spirited than the last and captivating for both young and old!

Set off on an adventure
© Juliette Barbeau

Clair de Rue in Barr

During the last two weekends of July, the Pays de Barr puts on a real show with two festivals: Clair de Rue and Clair de Nuit.

These travelling festivals take place in a different village every year in a unique setting between the vineyards and the forest.

Clair de Rue celebrates live performances with choreography, magic tricks, theatre, and more. Curious characters fill the village and invite you to join in on the fun. Stroll through the streets and stop to watch a performance in a festive and family-friendly atmosphere!

Clair de Nuit is a delight for music lovers. The weekend festival fills sweet summer evenings with open-air concerts. Move to the beat of the music in front of the stage. With funk, rock, jazz, and electro, there's something for everyone!

Make some music
© A. Mirdass, Ville de Strasbourg

Festival des Arts de la Rue in Strasbourg

In mid-August, the Strasbourg Street Art Festival (FARSe) takes over the Alsatian capital. For three days, dozens of French and international companies flow through the streets, squares, and parks of Strasbourg, infusing the entire city with poetry and emotion.

Make way for the artists! Acrobats, musicians, dancers, and actors perambulate through the city, improvising performances and surprising passers-by along the way. Locals and visitors roam from square to square, with each show providing an enchanted interlude.

Don’t miss the highlight of the event: the great parade to close the festival!

Mingle with the artists

Also discover

©Benoit Facchi

Major events in Alsace

Festival de la Foire aux Vins d'Alsace©Benoit Facchi
© Emmanuel VIVERGE


Illuminations de la cathédrale de Strasbourg© Emmanuel VIVERGE
©Laurent Khram Longvixay


Festival Décibulles Alsace©Laurent Khram Longvixay
Max Coquard - Best Jobers - ADT


Dreaming of Alsace
Max Coquard - Best Jobers - ADT
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