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My gourmet spots to recharge after a beautiful summer hike!

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Have you ever been to a farmhouse inn? These friendly establishments, known for their welcoming encounters, have always been places where hikers can stop for a meal or an overnight stay. Summer is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds when you combine hiking with a gourmet break. Each farmhouse inn offers delicious specialities depending on its location, altitude, and the talents of its farmer-innkeepers.

Both family-friendly walks and challenging hikes are available starting from each farmhouse inn, so you can take a stroll to either work up an appetite or finish off your meal.

O. Kanstinger - ADT

Fleischknepfle at the Moulin des 7 Fontaines farmhouse inn

At the edge of the forest in the Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, this 18th-century building delights guests with the traditional recipes of the owner's grandmother. Here, I enjoy a bit of fleischknepfle* and set off to explore the surroundings, including the seven mills that the farm is named after. The forest of oak trees has some hundred-year-old specimens!

* Alsatian meatballs in a white sauce

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D. Foucré - ADT

Roïgabrageldi at the Forlet farmhouse inn

Traditionally, these potatoes would simmer gently in butter with onions and bacon while the farmer took the cows to pasture. I love savouring tender and incomparable roïgabrageldi at Forlet farmhouse inn, sitting on the terrace with its breathtaking views. It overlooks Lac des Truites, a lake surrounded by majestic fir trees. After the meal, I head down to the edge of the water to relax in the shade of the trees.

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Ferme-auberge Lindenhof

Petit Hohwaldois cheese below the Hohwald Waterfall

At an altitude of 650 m at the foot of the magnificent Hohwald waterfall, the Lindenhof farmhouse inn raises rabbits, chickens, cows, calves, pigs, horses, and more.
The farm boasts 60 hectares of natural meadows, which sparked my interest due to my love for dairy cows, mostly for their part in making excellent specialities. This artisanal cheese dairy produces Petit Hohwaldois cheese alongside tome and fromage blanc.
There are two possible routes to the waterfall, depending on how much cheese you've eaten!

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Alicia_photographe - ADT

Blueberry Pie at the Grand Ballon

Just off the Peak Route, nestled in a lush green setting surrounded by forests, is the traditional, family-run Kohlschlag farmhouse inn, where I treat myself to their seasonal fruit pie. In the summer, my favourite kind is blueberry (or bilberry). I smile purple for the rest of the day! Afterwards, my hike leads to the ruins of Freundstein Castle near vestiges of World War I.

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Note: Remember to book ahead, as farmhouse inns are always very popular, especially in the summer!


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