Forlet farm-auberge tour: Walking in front of the most beautiful glacial cirque

  • 2h
  • 4km
  • 230m
  • Challenging

" Discover a unique getaway combining nature and gastronomy: start with a walk through breathtaking scenery, then enjoy a tasty meal in a farmhouse inn. An unforgettable experience where the beauty of the mountains meets the delights of the land. "

Enjoy an unforgettable experience, starting with a hike through spectacular scenery, followed by a delicious meal in a picturesque farmhouse inn set in the heart of a magnificent glacial cirque. A perfect harmony of nature and gastronomy awaits you.

The Forlet farm has 40 hectares of meadows and moorland, including a beautiful peat bog listed as an area of ecological interest, as well as 30 ha of meadows. The herd comprises 25 Montbéliarde dairy cows and 20 heifers. The milk is processed into Munster, Bargkass and tomes cheeses. Specialties include the traditional "repas marcaire" with its roïgebrageldis, as well as pot-au-feu and fromage blanc. Charcuterie based on beef from the farm, such as gendarmes or beef jerky, along with cheese, are the snacks of the many hikers who come to Le Forlet.

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