Rhinau Island, a small jungle in the Rhine forest

" On foot, by bike or even by flat-bottomed boat, the island invites you to go for a walk and discover the fauna and flora, but also makes you aware of the fragility of the environment. "

Located between the Old Rhine and the Rhine canal, the Ile de Rhinau is subject to the river's seasonal flooding. It consists of an alluvial forest with unique qualities. The Ile de Rhinau and its neighbouring nature reserve the Taubergiessen, in Germany, are renowned for their hard work concerning the protection of birds who come here for the winter. The Ile de Rhinau nature reserve covers the two southern thirds of the island. It is managed by the Conservatory of Alsatian Sites, which offers guided tours. Come and explore the island on foot, by bike or even in a flat-bottomed boat, and discover its flora and fauna while respecting the fragility of this environment.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 158m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 12km
  • Equipment required : Walking shoes
  • Languages spoken : German

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