The Lac Noir

" This dark-coloured glacial lake is peaceful, modest and invigorating, and invites you to explore it on a number of walks. A real moment of calm ! "

Come and discover this glacial lake, surrounded by rock and fir forest. It lies beneath the crest of the Vosges mountainside, at an altitude of 955 metres. It has its source in the Lac Noir stream, which joins the Weiss, and covers an area of 14 hectares at a depth of 45 metres.

There are a number of walks to discover the area, including the small tour of the Lac Noir and the grand tour of the Lac Noir, as well as the emblematic three lakes tour.

It's a complete change of scenery, as you're immersed in the heart of nature, with a small inn serving delicious dishes.

Additional information
  • Altitude : 950m
  • Prices :
    • Adult rate : 0€
    • Child rate : 0€

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