The ludic path - The adventures of Till and Froll

" Follow the adventures of Till and Froll : with the road book you can solve the riddles on the track, thanks to decorations, sculptures and open-air games. "

In a green environment, close to the Lac Blanc, the ludic path « sentier ludique » is a path with a story, an intrigue. As you step forward on the 2km long path you will find games and decors that will help you to solve an enigma. Till and Froll, our joyful elves will accompany you throughout your journey.

Enter in an enchanted world with elves, animals, fairies, our friends Hand and Clairette but also the witch. The whole family will be impressed by this world. In order to make this path and to understand the story/the intrigue you need to have in advance the road book.

The road book explains you the story of Hans and his friends Till and Froll, it helps to understand the path and to conduct the investigation with several enigmas.
You need a pen and the road book (1 per family is enough). Price: 4€/road book.

The weather can change very quickly. Please wear good hiking shoes and clothes that are right for the weather conditions.
Before you hit the road, look at the current weather and the forecasts for the Lac Blanc.

Only in French.

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  • Pets allowed : yes
Additional information
  • Duration of the visit : 1h30 min
  • Matériel nécessaire : Walking shoes, Warm clothes , Wet weather clothing
  • Prices : 4€ / livret
  • Lieu/Départ de la manifestation : Blancrupt inn
  • Stationnement pour véhicules : Less than 200 m from a free public car park

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