Sentier pied nus du Lac Blanc©OT du Lac Blanc
©OT du Lac Blanc

Give your toes a treat on a barefoot trail

Take off your shoes and feel nature's heartbeat under your feet. Try this surprising sensory experience on a barefoot trail! In the fresh air, reconnect with your senses, revitalise your body, and rekindle the childhood joys of walking barefoot.

Sentier pieds nus du Lac Blanc©OT Lac Blanc

A refreshing stroll at the barefoot trail of Lac Blanc

In the heart of the Vosges Mountains and a stone's throw from Lac Blanc, leave your shoes behind for this original outing. From May to October, awaken your senses with a massage for your feet and toes during a 1.2 km walk on the barefoot trail of Lac Blanc.

No sooner said than done: your shoes are off and you're ready for a ramble along the trail! In the surrounding forest, relearn to feel the ground beneath your feet. You'll touch a wide variety of materials along the course, including gravel, stones, wood, and mud.

Round out the experience and awaken your senses with the many fun and educational workshops on offer: games of skill and balance or identifying animals or smells.

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Sentier pieds nus SensoRied©Vincent Muller

SensoRied for exploring the Grand Ried

Change of scenery in Muttersholtz at the SensoRied barefoot trail. Behind the nature centre, the sound of chirping birds and the smell of freshly cut grass invite you to experience the calm of nature!

Set out on a 1.5 km course through the heart of the Grand Ried, a territory with rich and exceptional natural heritage. Grass, water, sand, or pebbles: experience surprising and unexpected sensations, metre after metre. Tickling, tingling, and refreshing!

The 10 stations along the course will stimulate the reflex zones of your feet. Recharge your batteries on this free trail for a better understanding of this exceptional natural environment.

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