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Escape games: awaken the detective within!

Find all the clues to solve the puzzles before time runs out. Play one of the region’s escape games for a life-sized investigation! 

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Tellure Escape Room: an underground adventure

You'll need a lot of strategy and a cool head to solve the puzzles and escape from the abandoned tunnel!

At Tellure Park in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, the adventure takes place underground, like nowhere else in the world. Deep in a former mine, you look for clues to try to get out as quickly as possible with the only light shining from your torch. While the adults rack their brains, children embark on a quest to discover mini trolls. Everyone comes out a winner of this thrilling game. After returning your gear, head to the bar to debrief over a hot drink.

What we love: the immersive experience

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SENSAS, a sensory experience

In a team of 4 to 15 people (perfect for large groups), cheer each other on, face your fears, and rediscover the strength of your senses. The two-hour session sees you harnessing all your perceptions to solve the sensory challenges, each one more perplexing than the next. It's nearly pitch black, and your eyesight is not to be trusted. You'll need to use your heightened senses of taste, smell, touch, and hearing. Get ready for surprises! For each successful challenge, you'll be rewarded with an amulet representing a donation to a Strasbourg non-profit supporting people with disabilities.

What we love: the socially-engaged experience

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Mindpark: tracking a criminal

After a series of seven murders with the same M.O., a new crime is added to the list. The serial killer known as Long John is still on the loose and the evidence trail is drying up. Together with your team of detectives, gather the evidence at the scene of the crime to identify and arrest the mysterious Long John!

What we love: an adventure worthy of the greatest cases of Sherlock Holmes!

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The Little Red Door-Strasbourg-Escape Game©The Little Red Door

The Little Red Door: in the shoes of a Hollywood actor

This escape game features 3 scenarios where you play the hero:

  • Ghost: the new owners of the Van Emberg mansion call on your team of ghost hunters to capture the spirit that has been haunting the house. For fans of Hitchcock and Tim Burton!
  • The last heist: for those who prefer an Ocean's 11 atmosphere (but without George Clooney)! Infiltrate the Royal Bank and steal as many gold bars as you can before the police arrive!
  • Bunker B-57: 2052, since the nuclear war of 1960, humanity has lived entrenched in underground shelters. Set off on an expedition with a blockbuster scenario to try and save the world.

What we love: the attention to detail and a difficulty level to please expert escape artists!

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Dooz Escape: an ephemeral journey through time

Have you always wanted to go back in time and experience the great epics of history? Or would you rather discover what the future holds? Dooz Escape invites you to travel to 4 enigmatic eras.

  • Learn from your mistakes: propelled into 2023, you have 60 minutes to stop the release of a virus that will lead to the extinction of the human race.
  • Beware of appearances: a person is working to change the history of France. You are sent back to 1846, during the time of Napoleon, to investigate and correct this rift in time.
  • The protocol: in 2207, there's a strange series of murders on the streets of futuristic Strasbourg. Will you be able to solve this investigation?
  • Battle for Neo-Strasbourg: the Tsaro Kommunist Empire has invaded Neo-Strasbourg and a battle rages on. An adventure to save Strasbourg and restore peace!

What we love: the common thread, time travel, is respected and magnified in each adventure.

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©Myoken pour Virtual Escape

Escape Yourself: the depth of the seas in augmented reality

The only escape game in Alsace with a virtual reality adventure aboard the Nautilus of Jules Verne. The Kraken has resurfaced and threatens the Nautilus. Will you manage to escape in time? The escape room has 4 other puzzles: the secret of Leonardo da Vinci, Santa's workshop, Ernestine's mansion, and the legendary Excalibur.

What we love: the most innovative escape game in Alsace.

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Lambda Escape: when the mind plays tricks

The passionate team of this escape room invites you to experience two universes.

  • The secret laboratory: Dr Lambda has developed a virus capable of controlling people's minds. Your mission? Steal the virus and thwart the plans of this mad scientist. Be quick, you'll only have an hour before he comes back.
  • The white rabbit hole: dive into the extravagant world of Alice in Wonderland but be careful not to fall asleep!

What we love: the psychedelic decor in the white rabbit hole!

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