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© Station du Lac Blanc

Night skiing in Alsace: snowflakes and stars


Whether green,red, or black, our slopes bring you all the colours under the sun. But when night falls, the pistes take on a new hue. Try an original, festive, and friendly session of night skiing in Alsace! Atop-notch experience to share with colleagues or friends.

Okay Liesel: what’s night skiing in Alsace?

It’s a new way to enjoy your favourite sport! The afternoon isn’t enough for you? With night skiing, you can continue chasing powder even after sunset. Some resorts stay open to skiers and light up part of the slopes. Night and snow blend together to form a magical atmosphere, where each turn brings new thrills. After the beauty of schussing at twilight, skiers can savour the magicof a nighttime slalom. 


Quick tip:
The slopes are also open to snowboarders. Show off your tricks!

Who can come?

Simple answer: everyone. Night skiing in Alsace is a happy melting pot of locals, visitors, expert riders, and budding skiers. To each theirown! A perfect way to relax with colleagues after work, make memoriesas a family, or share good times with friends. Skiing lessons aren’t available at night, however. Come back tomorrow… 


Quick tip:
Liesel knows that après ski is a big part of hitting the slopes!
Night skiing is also about working up an appetite and toasting(in moderation) with the specialitiesof the region. 

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Where to go night skiing in Alsace?

Some of the resorts in Alsace that offer night skiing:


*Let’s go!

"When night falls, a new experience awaits suit lovers.
Opt for a night skiing session in Alsace!"


Liesel, january 2022

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