Walking Trail : Les curiosités au bord des eaux

  • 2h30 min
  • 8,2km
  • 0m
  • Suitable for everyone

Waterside Curiosities. A walk along the banks of the Rhine. The walking trail, which is signposted by a green circle, runs alongside the Rhine and offers you a multitude of interesting things to discover, such as the trout farm, the former Willersin gravel pits in Munchhausen and the port of Seltz. An unspoilt enclave, a silent paradise for marsh fowl, that's what you'll find at Le Grosswoerth. This is a remarkable site from an ornithological and botanical point of view, but it's also interesting for its landscape and its hydrology: it's one of the last sectors where the waters of the Rhine overflow in the event of high waters. Another site worth exploring is the eastern station for ringing migrating birds with clearly defined study in mind. After skirting the Epplé gravel pit, you can explore a botanical garden towards the end of the trail (numerous species of trees), which also has picnic and play areas. The walking trail is dotted with bilingual information panels, which have been set up at key points.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : paved road, dirt path
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