The name Marckolsheim can be found in documents dating from 9th century. It was the first principal town of the diocese, acquired by the bishop of Strasbourg in 924. In 1323 King Albrecht confered on the town the same rights as the town of Selestat. Many fortifications and walls were built under Bishop Johann 1st who made an important town of it (As it remaned until the Revolution). the town of Marckolsheim was destroyed several times especially by the Armagnacs in the middle of the 15 century and during the 30 Years'waar. The ditch around the wall still remains and is a witress to the city's past. The second world war stronly marked our town being on the banks of the Rhine. situated on the Maginot Line, defended by the soldiers of the 42 RIF. Marckolsheim was bombed in June 1940. Its inhabitants were evacuated to the Dordogne in September 1939, returned to a town in ruins a year later. With the nazi occupation came the terrible years of oppression and terror : tracked patriots, imprisoned, deported and young people enrolled by force.

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