Memorial Museum of the Rhine Maginot Line

" Return to June 1940 and experience the daily life of the soldiers in this small casemate. Feel the atmosphere of the era: firing chambers, bunks, the command post, the Sherman Hartmannswillerkopf tank and more. "

Located in Marckolsheim in pillbox # 35 on the third line of defense, this Memorial commemorates the fierce fighting of June 15, 16 and 17, 1940, which resulted in over 80% destructions for the town. The rooms have been rehabilitated such as they were in 1940: firing chambers, generating unit, sleeping quarters, command post, well for drinking water etc.
They are outfitted with original weapons such as an antitank gun, machine guns, mortars, Bren guns, as well as a variety of optical equipment. Weapons and their ammunition, war memorabilia or photographs taken in 1939 and 1940 are displayed in the cabinets. Outside are exhibited various military vehicles, including a 152 mm Russian gun, a Sherman tank, a half-track, an armored car, a field kitchen, an anti-aircraft Bofors gun and part of a Bailey bridge.

  • Pets allowed : yes
Additional information
  • Altitude : 176m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 17km
  • Price advantages :
    • Free for children (age limit) : 7
  • Comments on prices : Cheque, Cash
  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit, Guided tour for groups with reservation
  • Languages spoken : French, German

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