In 2023, the wonderful Alsace Wine Route celebrates its 70th anniversary ! Come and take part to the festivities with a wild range of animations and events all year long. 


Guided tour of the nature reserve

" Clematis creepers as thick as the arm climb up to a height of 35 metres. It is a dense, impenetrable maze that the guide will make you discover. "

Guided visits of the nature reserve "île de Rhinau", a little jungle in Alsace...The willow trees, black poplars, elms, hazel trees, wild apple trees are higher and larger than anywhere else, the bushes of wild roses, of hawthorn are thicker. The clematis creepers thick as an arm are climbing until 35 cm height. It's a thick and impenetrable chaos which will be showed you by the guide.Go to :

Additional information
  • Duration of the visit : 3h
  • Matériel nécessaire : Mosquito repellent, Boots, Walking shoes, Wet weather clothing
  • Group headcount :
    • Mini : 5
    • Maxi : 30
  • Prices : free

  • Capacité maximum temporaire : 5 pers
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