The Retable of Buhl

" Would you like to learn more about the Buhl altarpiece? Then come and admire this magnificent early Renaissance altarpiece painted by the school of Martin Schongauer! "

"Centrepiece of the furniture of the Saint John Baptist Parish Church of Buhl, this pictorial masterpiece dates from the end of the 15th century. Attributed to Martin Schongauer school, the Retable contains all techniques of works of the early Renaissance: draft of perspectives, engraved gold, glimmering colours, deep folds and applied brocade. Executed beautifully in a typically Rhenish style, its dimensions are impressive: 1.97 m high and 3.50 m long for the central piece (in its position, its wingspan reaches 7 m)."

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  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit
  • Languages spoken : French

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