Sound walk to the Lake Altenweiher

" An astonishing and gentle stroll, carried by the graceful musical creations of Jim Petit, inspired by the sounds of the Altenweiher lake... Dive in! "

Discover the Altenweiher lake with the composer Jim Petit. After a hike from Mittlach to the lake, you will listen through headphones to the musical piece created by Jim from the soundscapes and dowsing pendulum analysis of the lake waters to program his synthesizers and learn about the musical notes of the Altenweiher throughout the seasons. The sound experience mixes with the view of the lake and the sound of the day.
In addition to the sound encounter of this lake, Jim proposes to discover during your hike the sound vibration of the Kolben bridge during flood time and the tumult of the lake's spillway stream during snowmelt.
Difficulty: Good walker ( 9 kms round trip, 3 h 30 (walking and listening included), elevation change 330 m. )

Total duration of the sound pieces : 20 minutes..

Minimum age : 8 years old.

Some advices : Provide hiking shoes, warm clothes, water

Travel to the place of departure with your personal vehicle.

Dogs forbidden.

This outing is effective from 3 participants. If this number is not reached we will warn you before the outing and we will refund the totality of the paid sums.

Additional information
  • Prices : 15€/ person includes accompaniment by composer/musician Jim Petit and headphones.

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