Exhibition - 5 artisans

Come and discover the exhibition of 5 artisans with varied and complementary talents.

SarahTortrotau: a mosaic artist with a very colorful universe. You'll find furniture, lamps, spheres, hearts, plates ...

Asfabrikdesign: Various laser-cut wooden objects. Boxes, decorative objects, lamps ...

Terredemienne: this ceramist offers you brightly-colored objects. Pots, vases, decorative objects, hearts... but her specialty is flowers.

Bubull: Fabric work. Whether you're looking for a cap, a hat or a stole, you'll find what you need.

Oliveor: a little well-being with the soaps and cosmetics created by this craftswoman.


Additional information
  • Prices : Free admission
  • Type d'évènement, exposition : Exhibition
  • Lieu/Départ de la manifestation : Badhus
  • Stationnement pour véhicules : Less than 200 m from a paying public car park

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