Long distance trail - the big tour of the valley - Stage 3

  • 6h
  • 17,3km
  • 973m
  • Expert

Orbey is full of natural and cultural wonders. After exploring the left-hand side of the village, this new journey takes you to the other side, where you'll find a whole host of different atmospheres. Start in a fairy-tale forest where the stones tell legends. Then plunge into the military past of the First World War as you cross the Linge battlefield. The traces of the past have left exceptional landscapes where nature and culture are one. You can round off your day with a visit to the Linge Memorial Museum, which exhibits French and German artefacts found on the site. It's a must-see for all history buffs.

From here, you'll gain altitude and gradually reach the typical landscapes. From here, you can see the rounded peaks of the Vosges massif, such as the Hohneck, on one side, and the Kaysersberg valley on the other.

Then head for Lac Noir, your finishing point once you've circumnavigated it. At an altitude of 955 m, this small lake is sure to surprise you with its many unsuspected scenery. This new stage also marks the halfway point in the tour.


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