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Medieval mikveh

The last relic of the vibrant Jewish community that lived in medieval Strasbourg, this mikveh, or ritual bath, was rediscovered in 1984 during renovation work. What remains of this bath, used for ritual purification, is a small cellar measuring approximately 9 sq. metres, with, at its centre, a basin that can hold up to 500 litres sourced directly from the groundwater table, to which hot water was added. The walls feature recesses for candles, and a small adjacent area served as a changing room. Probably built between 1200 and 1260, it is one of the oldest vestiges of Jewish architecture in Alsace and the only extant Jewish structure from medieval Strasbourg. A private guided tour can be given by request. The tour outlines the little-known but fascinating history of Judaism in Alsace since the Middle Ages. Please inquire at the Tourist Office.

Additional information
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 1km
  • Reservation required : Yes
  • Type of visits proposed : Guided tour for individuals with reservation, Guided tour for groups
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