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" Visiting the European Parliament is an excellent way to discover the work of this institution, the voice of the citizens of the European Union, and its impact in Europe and around the world. A visit to Parliament's hemicycle is complemented by a visit to the Simone Veil Parlamentarium. "

The world’s largest transnational parliament opens its doors to you! Visiting the European Parliament is a great way to get a close-up look at the work of this institution, which represents the citizens of the European Union, and at the impact it has on Europe and on the rest of the world. Used for the most important debates, the Chamber of the Parliament has served as the setting of numerous historic votes. The visit also includes the parlamentarium Simone Veil. Dynamic and interactive by design, the parlamentarium is an immersive experience that shows the work of the European Parliament and how it impacts the lives of citizens. Featuring a stunning 360° cinema and touchscreen tables, the parlamentarium helps visitors to better understand the role of the European Parliament. The parlamentarium lays out the process behind making law for the whole of Europe and explains what the Members of the European Parliament are doing to meet the challenges of today. Individual visitors and groups may visit the Parliament, free of charge and at any time (during and outside of plenary session). Individual visitors: tours with multimedia guides, no reservations required. Groups: depending on the time slot, tours with multimedia guides (no reservations required), or guided tours (by reservation only). Tours are possible during plenary sessions. Find all the information you'll need on the Parliament’s website. Closed on Sundays and bank holidays. In December, due to high demand, tours will be provided without advance booking, and only with multimedia guides. Length of the tour: approximately 1 hour.

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