Eglise de la Paix

This is the third Protestant church to be built on this spot. In 1552 the first church was built here by Count Cunon Eckbrecht of Durckheim, whose family lived at the Chateau de Froeschwiller until the First World War. When it fell into disrepair a new church was built and inaugurated in 1846. It did not last long because in July 1870 the Franco-Prussian war that caused so much grief in France and Germany broke out unexpectedly. A French army under General MacMahon which had taken up a position on the plateau of Froeschwiller was attacked by a German army that was superior both in numbers and weapons, commanded by the Crown Prince of Prussia. After a heroic resistance the French general ordered his heavy cavalry to sacrifice itself. The main body of the army was thus able to withdraw whereas the Cuirassiers (known as of the Cuirassiers of Reichshoffen) who lost between a quarter and a half of their strength, wrote a page in the history of France with their blood. During this battle the church of Froeschwiller caught fire but a senior German officer reassured the inhabitants telling them 'let it burn! After the war we will rebuild it.' After considering several different plans work began in 1872. The design accepted was by the architect Winkler of Strasbourg. The new Gothic style church was completed and inaugurated on the 30 August 1876. Towards the end of the Second World War the church was again severely damaged in the fighting. The altar was demolished and all the stained glass windows were either destroyed or damaged. The long and difficult restoration of the windows was carried out by the master stained glass window craftsman Bishcoff. The Church of Peace remains as a reminder of an often bloody past but also a sign of hope that a better future will continue to deepen the peaceful relations between countries.

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  • Altitude : 220m
  • Distance to the nearest station (km) : 5km
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  • Type of visits proposed : Free visit
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