" Ancienne cité épiscopale et universitaire, Molsheim a hébergé durant la réforme 4 communautés religieuses. Les Jésuites ont laissé une magnifique église et les Chartreux un monastère désormais musée. "

Molsheim is called the Bugatti town. but the only car exhibition happens each year during a weekend in September. Otherwise, there is a foundation of 2 rooms devoted to the history of the family and the factories inside of the former Charterhouse. The monastery is exceptional because it is rare to find Carthusian monks living inside of a major town. Another rarity in Alsace: the Silbermann 2-keyboard organ with full echo of the great Jesuit church. and more: many walkinf paths in the vineyard, 2 major cycle routes, 100km cycle paths, 1 outdoor pool, 1 indoor pool, canoe rides so as many cultural events

Additional information
  • Altitude : 178m
  • Restaurant on site : Drinks, Restaurant
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