Le sentier du Château de Salm

  • 1h30 min
  • 4km
  • 200m
  • Intermediate

"This 4km loop along a partly preserved medieval path leads to the Château de Salm, nestled in a stunning green haven. It was built at the turn of the 12th and 13th century by Count Henri III de Salm (circa 1205/1225) and watched over the Bruche Valley until the late 15th century. It was destroyed during the so-called Burgundy War (147401477) between the dukes of Burgundy and Lorraine. Les Veilleurs de Salm Association has been working to revive the history-packed ruins since 2004…"

Additional information
  • IGN Map : N° de la carte : 1/25 000 Champ du Feu et Bruche 25
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