Visite d'une ferme en Alsace© Catherine Theulin - OT Kochersberg
© Catherine Theulin - OT Kochersberg
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In Alsace, numerous farmers throw open the gates of their farms so that you can see how they go about their daily work. Adults and children alike will be captivated by the animals, with not only cows, hens, rabbits, goats and pigs, but horses, ponies and reindeer too. We’ve put together this list of educational farms all over Alsace for you to visit.

Cheval en Alsace© Christophe MEYER - ADT

L’Ecurie du Loti in the Outre-forêt at Merkwiller-Pechelbronn

This educational farm specialises in breeding horses. You can stroke them, and groom the ponies all ready for a ride. This is a great place to spend a day on the farm, or should we say at the stables? Well, it’s a bit of both really!

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Vaches en Alsace© N. Bronner - ADT

Les Mystères du Lait educational farm in Siewiller

Anne-Lise will be delighted to show you around her livestock farm and explain all the different stages involved in producing milk. Children will enjoy meeting the cows, hens and pigs, all of whom love to be stroked! They’ll learn how to grow vegetables, collect eggs from the henhouse and milk the cows. The emphasis is on plucking up the courage to have a go, and the whole experience is great fun.

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Ferme en Alsace© Catherine Theulin - OT Kochersberg

Luppachhof educational farm in Bouxwiller

Shall we start by feeding the animals or making some cheese? This educational farm offers a range of fun experiences for all the family. Elodie and Luc also sell their organic produce on the site – we bet you can’t resist!

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Ferme en Alsace
© Le Beau Jardin

Le GAEC des 4 Ponts in Wingersheim-les-Quatre-Bans

Choose the theme of your half-day visit from the options on offer at this educational farm: Where does milk come from? How is wheat made into bread? How is beetroot made into sugar? or How are wildflower seeds produced? In contact with nature and the animals, the whole family will feel reenergised, and learn something new too!

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Ferme pédagogique en Alsace© La mini-ferme pédagogique Le pré des anim'o

Le Pré des Anim'o educational mini-farm in Ergersheim

Start with a walk around the mini-farm, the animals are unbelievably cute! You can also opt for a themed tour centred on caring for the environment (birds, wild animals, wood workshops, insects and more). The mini-farm also organises children’s parties. And if you’re completely hooked, you can become a volunteer!

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Ferme pédagogique en Alsace© La ferme pédagogique Les p'tits d'ânous à Ergersheim

Les P'tits d' nous educational farm in Ergersheim

Fancy taking a walk with the donkeys? Children fall instantly in love with these gentle animals and don’t worry, they’re not as stubborn as legend would have you believe! The staff know everything there is to know about donkeys, so this is a chance to ask all your burning questions. What a fascinating place!

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Chèvres en Alsace© La chèvrerie à Griesheim-prés-Molsheim

La Chèvrerie in Griesheim-près-Molsheim

Carole and Michael are proud to introduce their 60 goats, donkeys and other farm animals. They enjoy telling visitors all about them and inviting them to help feed the animals. And of course, you can’t leave without a little selection of delicious goats’ cheeses!

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Poules en Alsace© Pierre JOCHEM – ADT

Humbert farm in the Villé Valley at Urbeis

Come and see everything that goes on at a mountain farm. Learn how the cows are milked and the dairy products made, and visit the henhouse and kitchen garden. Don’t miss the treasure hunt – you learn more when you’re having fun! And before you leave, fill your rucksack with dairy products (including home-made ice creams and sorbets), fresh eggs, meat, bread and other organic farm produce.

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Ferme pédagogique en Alsace© La ferme pédagogique d’Argentin à Lièpvre

Argentin educational farm in Lièpvre

Come to Argentin farm, a ten-hectare estate. Say hello to the animals, look around the crops and orchards, and learn about the history of the farm throughout your tour. Then head into the activity room and have fun learning to recognise the plants and wildlife and trying your hand at a whole range of quizzes. Which team will win – the parents or the children? There’s even a café and a year-long events programme!

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Ferme aux rennes en Alsace© La ferme aux rennes du Schantzwasen

Schantzwasen Reindeer farm in Stosswihr

Here, simply follow the fun trail to see reindeer roaming freely on 6 hectares of land. The backdrop is amazing – the farm stands at an altitude of more than 1,000 metres and the air is clear and pure. With the exhibition about the Samis, Lapland’s traditional reindeer herders, you could almost forget you’re in Alsace! This visit makes a refreshing change of scene.

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Ferme pédagogique en Alsace© La ferme pédagogique de l’Entzenbach

L’Entzenbach educational farm in Masevaux-Niederbruck

After a thirty-minute walk from the car park at Niederbruck Church, you’ll find yourself in a magnificent setting, with meadows, forests and a stream. Bernard will enjoy showing you his animals, his garden of medicinal plants and herbs, and his beehives. You can visit the little museum of local crafts, and have lunch too – don’t forget to book! The fleischnakas are to die for! 

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