©Emmanuel Viverge
©Emmanuel Viverge

3 unusual museums to visit in Alsace

History museums, contemporary art museums and science museums: Alsace boasts more than 180 museums! Be ready for a few surprises at 3 highly original museums among these exceptional cultural spots!


The Château Vodou Museum: an encounter with the invisible

You’ll be bewitched by the Egungun (revenants), the Oro (spirits of the dead) and the 1,000 other West African voodoo objects held by the museum! They’ve all been used in various religious practices, such as worship services, births, witchcraft and other ceremonies relating to life’s big moments. You’ll find out all about the world of the afterlife!

  • Extra: Night-time sessions are organised with just one type of lighting: a torch! Are you ready for the adventure?
Crocodile - Château Musée Vodou à Strasbourg©AAA-Birgé

The Luggage Museum: discovering travel

The Luggage Museum boasts an extraordinary collection of 600 trunks, suitcases and other baggage, restored, original and in a wide variety of styles, dating from the 18th century to the 1960s. Set off on a journey through the evolution of luggage, starting with the beginnings of train and boat travel and luxury journeys.

  • Extra : Admire the Louis Vuitton bed trunk from 1868, the oldest remaining bed trunk from the famous French leather goods designer!

The Toy Museum: playtime for young and old alike

This fun, enchanting place boasts a collection of 19th and 20th century toys. From the celluloid dolls of your childhood to Legos, Barbie dolls and Kapla planks, not to mention the famous Playmobil sets, this treasure trove of toys is just waiting for you! Come discover the history of toys over time.

  • Extra : From Beethoven to Chopin: enjoy a musical interlude in the little theatre, thanks to an orchestra made of 21 automatons!
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