© Lez Broz - Visit Alsace
© Lez Broz - Visit Alsace
Wine trails :


While Alsace is of course known as a land of gourmet rendezvous, it's also the perfect region to taste a Grand Cru. Just ask Liesel! 😉 Want to experience a unique tasting of the wines of Alsace? Set off into the vineyards for a relaxing outing on one of the region's wine trails. On your own, with friends, or as a couple, these lovely seasonal getaways are waiting to be enjoyed without moderation.



The only pressing matters around here are for the grapes! Alsace is even more beautiful when you take your time to explore it. Set out on one of the more than fifty secure and waymarked wine trails and stop and smell the rosé along the way. 🍾 Whether on foot for a fruity pilgrimage or by bike for a wind-blown outing, everyone has their own way of savouring the moment.

More than just a nature getaway, our themed walks are also an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of wine and vineyards. Terroirs, grape varieties, and harvests: stop to peruse the information panels along the paths to discover all the subtleties of the art of wine. Believe me, there's lots to learn! Plenty of information to awaken your curiosity and answer all your questions.

💡 Liesel's advice: Looking for amazing views? Certain itineraries pass by stunning panoramas of some of Alsace’s (many) fortified castle ruins. Cameras at the ready!

Pick of the bunch

Our wine trails don't take themselves too seriously! Here are a few quirky ideas to spice up your next outing:

Catch me if you can!

Set off on an adventure with your little ones on a geocaching outing in Pfaffenheim. This high-tech treasure hunt through the heart of the vineyard includes exciting puzzles for the whole family. Think, explore, and learn without even realizing it. What a vine-derful world!

Down to a wine art

Combine hiking and art as you learn how to draw Alsatian landscapes along a trail around the village of Andlau. On your mark, set, sketch!

Colour outside the vines

While our wine trails are open all year long, the autumn landscapes are truly a sight to be seen. Make your way to the vineyard between September and October for a front-row seat to nature's spectacular show. The vineyards and hillsides take on dazzling hues, seeming to float in a golden bath. Caramel brown, ruby red, and bright orange mingle in the streets and the countryside. A mesmerising landscape and another perfect opportunity to get out your sketchbook!

Take advantage of these magical few weeks for a getaway on the Alsace Wine Route. A legendary Alsatian road trip with picturesque villages, renowned wine towns, tastings of regional Grands Crus, and an introduction to the secrets of winemaking. Not to mention the buzzing vineyards and wineries as they bustle with life during the most important time of the year. Who said holidays were only for the summer?


The Wine Route:


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