BR67 The potter's villages and the forest of Haguenau

  • 2 days / 1 night
  • 99km
  • 100m
  • Intermediate

Between the Haguenau Forest and the banks of the Rhine, the route takes the cyclist through green countryside before turning off to the west. After Sessenheim, where Goethe experienced a romantic idyll, you come to the 'Outre- Forêt' (the other side of the forest), a slightly undu- lating plain, with its typical villages such as Betschdorf, a centre of traditional pottery. The road is open until Walbourg, where it enters the Haguenau Forest, one of the biggest in France. This remarkable expanse of wood- land is hikers' territory, with the best known trail leading to the great oak of Saint-Arbogast, which has a circumference of seven metres. The route then leads to Soufflenheim, another town renowned for its pottery, where the famous Kougelhopf moulds are made.

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : paved road, piste / bande cyclable
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