Walking tour: the botanical trail Mittelgrund

  • 1h
  • 2,73km
  • 4m
  • Easy

In Stattmatten, follow the direction of Fort-Louis. The trail starts after the bridge over the Moder River on the left. Dedicated mainly to the trees and shrubs of the Rhine forest, panels give you valuable information on the species typical of this environment. Note the presence of staphyliers - or false pistachio trees - of which this is the only known station in France. Along this path is the Auenheim Beech Grove, ravaged by the 1999 storm. Beyond that, a dry meadow begins, famous for its 3 varieties of orchids (flowering at the end of May/beginning of June). Note the spawning ground created by the re-watering of a dead arm of the Moder. Route of the circuit : https://www.openrunner.com/r/13199635

Additional information
  • Type of hiking trail : dirt path, path

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