The avenue of plane trees

An alley of 49 plane trees labeled remarkable trees. This path of bucolic stroll is one of the edges of one arms of the Ill called "Mulbach", because a mill used its current. It is accessible from the rue de la Digue in Benfeld and starts just after the mill, near the football stadium's clubhouse, it continus on the ban of Huttenheim. Over 200 years old, with rare essence and original form, these majestic 13m high plane trees, are a real asset for the preservation of biodiversity and landscapes. They host mammals and birds, and serve as a biological reservoir for a variety of insects that live indoors. This road was traced in the 19th century by the spinning company located in Huttenheim, to allow Benfeld workers to get to the factory quickly and walk in the shade of trees.

  • Pets allowed : yes

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